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When fake psychic Samantha Brennan heads to Sedona, Arizona, as the spiritual adviser of the aging bad boy of rock, Rand Riker — she never expects to uncover the most shocking secret the government has kept for the last sixty years: the truth about the being in the spaceship that crashed in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947.

But questions abound in Sedona in the days leading up to an awesome harmonic convergence, which sends Sedona’s mysterious energy off the charts. Such as why Rand defends the most reviled man in the country, militia guru Normal Frankly, accused to trying to kill Arizona’s charismatic senator, Kenny Campbell. Or why Kenny’s real definition of family values doesn’t jibe with what he claims in the photo ops. Even Samantha’s favorite partner in crime, goddess-in-hiding Special Agent Annabelle Haggerty of the FBI wrestles with the most destructive paradox of her life.

With gods and goddesses wielding unimaginable powers, and the shape shifting rock people twisting the very surface of the earth, as Sedona heads into the darkest night the planet has ever seen, Samantha wonders which, if any of them, will survive it. But she should know by now that when Celtic gods are involved, nothing is ever as it appears.

MAGICAL ALIENATION takes the urban fantasy-mystery trend into brand new territory — beyond vampires and werewolves — to creatures that are both wacky and wonderful. MAGICAL ALIENATION is in turns enchanting, suspenseful, funny, sexy and touching. It will appeal to readers in the mystery, fantasy and romance genres, as well as to metaphysical and New Age readers.


"With few modern followers, a goddess has to find new work. "Magical Alienation" is a blend of modern fantasy and mystery as a sham of a psychic in Samantha Brennan finds alliance with Celtic goddess turned government agent as they investigate an unusual happening surrounding Roswell. As one would expect, aliens may be involved and they may not have the best of intents for the world. With old protectors of the planet rising to the challenge, Kris Neri creates a fun adventure with plenty of twists. 'Magical Alienation' is worth considering for fans of the modern fantasy genre, recommended."
--Small Press Bookwatch

"My favorite aspect of Neri's novels is the Samantha Brennan character, who is absolutely hilarious. Samantha's self-deprecating and whimsical personality is written to perfection by Neri. Samantha is the driving force behind this book. I found myself on several occasions chuckling out loud as I read along with Samantha's play-by-play style inner dialogue and constant frustration over others' attempts to go to do and be more. The best way I an describe this book is if you could take Neil Gaiman's AMERICAN GODS, and somehow inject it with laughing gas. MAGICAL ALIENATION is a fun read speculative fiction fans will have no problem enjoying."
-- Tales of the Talisman

"I know this sounds so implausible – fake psychics, Celtic gods and goddesses, militia, rock stars and aliens from Area 51. But, somehow, Kris Neri makes it work perfectly in her second Samantha Brennan and Annabelle Haggerty Magical Mystery, Magical Alienation.... You do have to suspend disbelief to appreciate this novel, but it’s easy to do. Neri sucks readers into Samantha Brennan’s world. And, the author, who lives in Sedona, does a wonderful job in describing the area and its beauty and attraction for so many people. In this book, it becomes the center of the universe for nuts of all types, from aliens to gods to militia to false psychics. Magical Alienation is a treat for any readers who appreciate fantasy laced with mystery and humor."
- Lesa Holstine, Lesa's Book Critiques

“Magical Alienation is an excellent read featuring an endearing fake psychic who's not as fake as she'd like to be, amid a hilarious tangle of gods and goddesses. Samantha and her Celtic-goddess sidekick Haggerty make this book a winner!”
— Allyson James, National bestselling author of Stormwalker

“MAGICAL ALIENATION is fearless, frenetic, and funny. Kris Neri's tale of gods and rock stars and fake psychics has more twists and turns than a French braid, and she employs all her mystery-writer's chops to keep readers spellbound from beginning to end, wondering who's really who and what's really next.”
— Jeff Mariotte, author of the Dark Vengeance Series

“What a fresh, fun read! Magical Alienation tugs at all the sensitive spots. It's intriguing and IMPOSSIBLE to put down! Get this book. You will not be disappointed!”
— Darynda Jones, author of SECOND GRAVE TO THE LEFT

“What fun! MAGICAL ALIENATION is a sparkling, woo-woo romp.”
— Barbara D’Amato, author of OTHER EYES

“Magic, mystery, mayhem…Magical Alienation has it all. A sassy spiritual advisor to the stars who is admittedly ‘no more psychic than a tire iron,’ ancient (and sexy) Celtic gods, and a sometimes sinister, mysterious inhabitant of 51 make for one fun, sometimes creepy tale of paranormal adventure. If you hold the secret suspicion that mythical creatures not only exist, but are present in our modern lives, check out Neri’s Magical Alienation. You’ll be glad you did.”
— Juliet Blackwell, National Bestselling author of Hexes and Hemlines and
If Walls Could Talk

"...I strongly suggest that you buy, borrow or steal a copy of the book. I’m giving it FIVE stars and a bullet point. I can’t wait for Madam Samantha, and Haggerty’s next case to appear on the bookshelves of a store near you."
-NoraAdrienne's Reviews

"...a witty irreverent and enthralling paranormal thriller. Fast-paced, readers will enjoy the fascinating return of Brennan and Haggerty on their latest magical mystery tour."
- Harriet Klausner, Genre-Go-Round

"MAGICAL ALIENATION is a fairly fast-paced adventure. The explanation behind the mystery is detailed and interesting. The Gods and Goddesses portion of the novel will make the reader laugh, bite their nails, and avidly read on. Mystery readers should look into this one."

"Magical Alienation is a mystical romp of mystery, romance and fantasy. This witty, page-turner will keep you guessing and begging for more. Move over J.K. Rowling, Kris Neri’s book with its cast of characters of gods, goddesses, rock stars, as well as main character, the amusing, fake psychic, Samantha Brennan, is as refreshing as a Sedona spa."
- Sally Marks, Author of Erase Negativity and Embrace the Magic Within

"I found myself laughing at the whimsy and humorous characters, scowling at the bad guys and just plain enjoying the start to finish wild ride of this very humorous, very creative and entertaining read. Fun, Fun, Fun!"
- R.P. Dahlke, All-Mystery E-Newsletter

“You’ve gotta love a mortal protagonist that reduces a Celtic god to groveling. Beneath Samantha Brennan’s fashionista exterior is a character with character, willing to confront a philandering politician and a two-timing deity. And who among us can resist the charm of a plus-size heroine? Kris Neri has written another engaging tale of women righting wrongs. Her duo of Annabelle (goddess/FBI agent) and Samantha (mortal/fake psychic) confront aging rock stars, militiamen, aliens and gods to unravel the mystery of what happened at Roswell in 1947. Magical Alienation is a page turner, with a plot driven by characters I want to follow on many more adventures.”
— Therese Ambrose Smith, author of WAX

“MAGICAL ALIENATION is one of a kind. Funny, fanciful and dominated by two very different woman. One a pseudo-psychic, who has more powers than she gives herself credit for; the other an FBI agent who is actually an ancient goddess wanting to deny her powers. In a world populated by humans, gods and demigods these two work to resolve the issue of an imprisoned alien while a war between the superhuman factions takes place in heaven. Mysterious, quirky, and full of the unexpected.”
— Connie Flynn, fantasy, romance and mystery author and co-founder to Bootcamp for Novelists Online, a writing school.

"...a neat cross between fantasy and suspense, with romance overtones thrown in...subplots converge in Sedona for the thrilling climax of this magic-studded read."
-- Suspense Magazine