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Student Endorsements

"Kris Neri takes you effortlessly through the writing process, from identifying the essential conflict to achieving final resolution. I saved every one of her lectures, and refer back to them often. The feedback she gave me throughout the process was wonderfully encouraging. By the time I’d completed the class, I was ready to transform my seed of an idea into a completed full-length mystery, and I’ve already signed my first book contract!"
-- Linda S. Reilly, author of Some Enchanted Murder /Five Star™ Publishing/Gale/Cengage/2013

"Kris Neri's classes have been invaluable! Her plotting method is a must for me. I've taken her structure class twice when starting newprojects and gotten so much help straightening out my structure and deepening my plot lines. The individual feedback just can' be beat."
-- Kaye George, author of BROKE, EINE KLEINE MURDER (May 2013) and FAT CAT cozy series from Berkley Prime Crie (2013)

"Taking the online Characterization class with Kris Neri was one of the best investments in my career. I'd felt that my character development had always been a strong suit for me and was not sure what I could learn in an online class. I was wonderfully surprised at how much more depth I could give my characters after taking this class and now feel that I have the tools to bring them to life in a new way. Kris's comments were insightful and thought-provoking. Feedback was quick and to the point. I'm very glad I took the plunge with this class and am looking forward to others she might offer."
-- Susan Richards

"Kris Neri is brilliant at having you compile thought-provoking profiles of your characters, then responding in a way that gives you greater psychological insight into them. She can pinpoint inconsistencies or nudge you to delve deeper into some interesting aspect. It's like having a wise editor who is also a psychologist.

Kris' on-line Characterization course has not only allowed me to flesh out my protagonist, villain, and victim, but her insights have led to new plot ideas. I'm amazed at how much I've learned from this brief course."
-- Susan Cory, author of Conundrum/ Amazon/ 2012

"So you've got a detective (amateur or professional) and you've got a victim. You're ready to write - right? Nope. Sure, you can enjoy discovering who did it as the words magically tumble on the page and you erase, re-write, scratch-out, mull over where to place a red herring, and wonder why your novel is only 20,000 words long (or 290,000 words and the end isn't in sight).

Enter Kris Neri. Whether you're a pantser (flying by the seat of those writing britches) or a plotter (furiously penning a grand master outline), Kris Neri's Mystery and Thriller Structure is for you. With simple exercises that make you answer the challenging questions that empower characters to drive the story all by themselves. The words will flow. The story will hang together. And, you will have thought through the key junctures in the story. Kris doesn't provide a formulaic approach. She provides a process to help sharpen your creativity and orient it toward the story within you (and being lived by your characters)."
-- Henry Danis --- avid Cozy reader and soon to be Cozy writer - thanks to a timely scheduling of Mystery and Thriller Structure by Kris Neri

"Writing a novel, especially a mystery novel, can feel like driving the fog. You know your driveway is close, but so is Dead Man’s Curve. Kris Neri’s courses can help you navigate the haze and keep your plot true as true as a direct line to your story’s North Star."
-- Rhonda Lane

"I have enjoyed two courses with Kris Neri. In both of them I've learned techniques that have improved my story planning and character development, and Kris's comments on my completed lessons were always timely and informative. The added benefit of an online course was being able to view and learn not only from the work of the other students, but also from Kris's suggestions to the other classparticipants. The atmospheres of both classes were friendly and encouraging."
-- Valerie Bonham

"I’ve taken Kris’s structure class. Twice. And I’ve profited both times. She begins by having you distill your idea to a single nugget, then leads you through a series of exercises that help you produce a map—whether you’re a plotter or a panster—for the road to writing. Even though I had the complete set of lectures and assignments (and all the emails) from the first time round, I registered a second time to profit from Kris’s feedback. She did not disappoint. Make no mistake, Kris’s classes are hard work. But she gives you as much as you put into the effort."
-- Patricia Winton, “Feeding Frenzy,” Fish Tales: The Guppy Anthology

"I highly recommend any class Kris offers. I've just completed her Mystery and Thriller Structure course. This is a working class which means lectures and assignments that relate to the book you are planning. Kris gives extensive feedback on your work, guiding you as you think through your plot and the motivations/actions of your characters. Her help is invaluable.If you want to write a mystery, add this class to your "must do" list."
-- Gayl Wilson

"Last month I finished taking a course by Kris Neri, titled “Mystery and Thriller Structure.” Since I’m starting a new WIP, the course applied to me and the timing couldn’t have been better. After finishing Kris’s course, I highly recommend it...Kris’s course put into words and forced me to create what I knew was lacking in my own methods. The entire novel is considered. The plots and subplots are all planned prior to typing a word on the page. Triggers and plot points move the scenes. Although we weren’t required to do so, I created a detailed outline and timeline including the evidence, the characters’ roles in the plot and subplots, how the crime is solved by which characters and the backstory of each character that impacts the plot...Planning my next WIP using the techniques that Kris teaches has put me in control. I know what motivates my protagonist and that has changed my writing from plot driven to character driven, which I think strengthens my writing considerably. If you ever have the chance to take the course, do so."
-- Elaine Douts

" I have had the opportunity to take two of Kris Neri's courses and have absolutely loved them. She teaches you useable techniques and provides tools that every writer should have if they want to be successful."
-- Rachael Dahl

"Kris Neri's class on Mystery and Thriller Structure was just what I needed. I had an assortment of characters and a vision of where we were going, but no idea how to get there. Kris's step-by-step approach showed me how everything works together and helped me develop the scaffolding to plot my story out."
-- Susan Breeden

"I recently completed Kris Neri’s Mystery and Thriller Structure class. The lectures allowed me to see my work from a fresh perspective, and the assignments provided me with a way to deepen my understanding of how various parts of my story intertwine. Kris’s thoughtful feedback offered insight into what worked well in my WIP, guidance on where to focus additional thought to strengthen my work, and specific suggestions for improvements. An immensely valuable class taught by a talented, dedicated teacher."
-- Gin Mackey