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"...the book felt alive in my hands. It had a pulse all its own and a flavor I'll remember for some time to come. I particularly looked forward to scenes featuring Marisa's boyfriend, Tony, and his humorously stereotyped Italian accent. Fans of the television show “Castle” may find a female version to enjoy within this series. Like the popular drama, Neri has an knack for snappy banter...Neri's Eaton novel brings humor as easily as it brings memorable characters, which can be a daunting combination for some authors."
Patrick Whitehurst, Literary Turns

" ... a hilarious debut mystery... Neri's sleuth offers a sharp eye, a smart mouth, and an irrepressible sense of an intricately plotted, surprise-in-your-face, don't-put-it-down mystery." — Carolyn Hart, author of the Death on Demand and Henrie O mysteries

"I Love Lucy meets Murder She Wrote... a zany romp that will undoubtedly win her a following of loyal fans."— Jan Burke, author of Liar

"... a wonderful debut novel, with an irreverent heroine sure to become a much-loved fixture on the mystery scene...just the right mixture of mystery, suspense, and humor. Brava!" — Taylor Smith, author of The Best of Enemies and Random Acts

"... a rollicking delight...a cast of characters as colorful as a three-ring circus in a fast-paced plot with as many unexpected drops and corners as a roller coaster." — Sue Henry, author of Deadfall and Murder on the Yukon Quest

"...a tale that will captivate readers with sharply drawn characters, continual action, and unlikely circumstances. A real treat." — Library Journal

"...the contrast between the lively Tracy and her repressed in-laws produces some one-liners that would make Fran Liebowitz proud. A fine first novel." — Booklist

"With a healthy dose of nosiness and an equal amount of nerve, Tracy surmounts every obstacle with elan and a sense of humor that will tickle the reader's fancy." — Mystery Time

"This book is laugh-out-loud funny. We will be sure to look for more!" — The Snooper

" enjoyable, light read with an engaging protagonist. Recommended."— Lincoln Star Journal

" you can't put it down! Don't miss the next Carolyn Hart in her debut fired straight at our hearts!— Babs Lakey, Futures

"...a delightful romp that begs to be read in one sitting. — The Mystery Morgue

"Revenge of the Gypsy Queen is an enjoyable romp through New York City by a weird cast of players, whose eccentricities turn the tale into a delightful mystery. . .Tracy is an intriguing character. . .Kris Neri has written a jocular read that will please readers who take pleasure from an irreverent tale of delight.— Harriet Klausner, Books 'n' Bytes

"Neri brings an exciting new voice to the mystery scene. Encore! — Margo Power, publisher, Deadly Alibi Press

"...the ending is ingenious and unpredictable...needs to be read in one sitting. Don't miss it."— The Charlotte Austin Review

"My kids have destroyed my house — and it's all Kris Neri's fault. All I did was innocently pick up her debut novel...The next thing I know, the sun has set and my kids have destroyed my house — and me, I'm left wishing Kris Neri would hurry up and get the next Tracy Eaton mystery published (some authors just don't write fast enough). Cathy Gallagher,

"Look for the next installment from Kris Neri. She is developing a delightful character, and I am looking forward to finding out more." — Books 'n' Bytes

"...a delightful read, one I can heartily recommend...What fun! Rush to your local bookstore and demand the order Revenge of the Gypsy Queen by Kris Neri...Try it, you'll like it! I sure did." — Cozies, Capers & Crimes

"...a fun melange of quirky characters...A great read!" — Dale Furutani, author of the Ken Tanaka and Samurai Mystery Trilogy series

"...a wonderfully zany book full of charm and humor, Tracy smart, snappy and likeable and a welcome addition to the ranks of amateur detectives." — Earlene Fowler, author of Mariner's Compass