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Imagine the surprise of Samantha Brennan, scam psychic and fake ancient deity when she encounters the real thing. That's right -- an honest-to-heavens Celtic goddess, hidden beneath the steely exterior of FBI Special Agent Annabelle Haggerty. And more than goddesses abound in the everyday world, Samantha discovers; there are leprechauns posing as mischievous schoolboys, banshees patrolling parks, and gods working as lounge singers. How had Samantha missed all those super-heroes living right before her eyes on LA's mean streets?

Yet their powers might not be enough when the City of the Angels falls prey to a crime spree the likes of which it's never seen. When America's sweet and sexy movie star, Molly Claire, is taken hostage, no one could imagine how she'd be made the centerpiece of a gangland siege, as worlds collide in a struggle to claim the treasures of the ages. But if Agent Annabelle Haggerty and her family of deities are no match for the Demon of Darkness that Annabelle believes is masterminding LA's own Armageddon ? what chance does a poor little fake like Samantha have?

HIGH CRIMES ON THE MAGICAL PLANE takes the urban fantasy-mystery trend into brand new territory — beyond vampires and werewolves — to creatures that are both wacky and wonderful. HIGH CRIMES ON THE MAGICAL PLANE is in turns enchanting, suspenseful, funny, sexy and touching. It will appeal to readers in the mystery, fantasy and romance genres, as well as to metaphysical and New Age readers.


"HIGH CRIMES is delicious; a funny, pell-mell romp of an adventure rife with psychics, FBI agents and clowns."

- Diana Gabaldon, NYT Bestselling author of the Outlander and Lord John series

"This Samantha Brennan and Annabelle Haggerty mystery was full of surprises, humor, and a little romance. The two women are a complimentary pair; Samantha, so light-hearted, harmless, and, at times, clueless, and the powerful Celtic goddess, Annabelle, who takes her job so seriously. It takes two women with a psychic link to solve the crimes that could send Los Angeles up in flames. High Crimes on the Magical Plane may have started out with clown cars and a fake psychic, but it rushes into danger and excitement at a fast pace. Neri's mystery is suspenseful, and fun, with an original pair of heroines."

- Lesa Holstine's Book Critiques

"...Ms. Neri's latest effort is a swirl of fantasy. From the little household gnomes to humans who turn out to be the opposite of first glance, her tale is chock full of fun. She's taken ordinary, mundane things and transformed them into a parallel universe that one would love to revel in forever. Her imagination is without bounds; her characters are weird in a scintillating way; and her plot is one exciting adventure after another. Samantha is the typical Valley Girl with a twist, and Ms. Neri has transformed a tired genre into a new and refreshing experience. Who would have thought that debauchery could become the new ethic? But under Ms. Neri's able hand, her reality turns into a new counter culture.
This reviewer will anxiously await MAGICAL ALIENATION, her next Samantha Brennan and Annabelle Haggerty installment."

Shelley Glodowski, Senior Reviewer - Midwest Book Reviews

“HIGH CRIMES ON THE MAGICAL PLANE is a lighthearted but perceptive story of what happens when a fake psychic with panache meets a genuine goddess with no flair whatsoever. That goddess is, moreover, an FBI agent. They’re united in the attempt to locate actress Molly Claire, who’s apparently been abducted by clowns. You’ll enjoy the unlikely twists and turns in this novel, and both characters are delightful.”

— Charlaine Harris, NYT Bestselling author of the Sookie Stackhouse series

"...The interaction between Samantha and Annabelleis the driving force behind this novel as they share an Odd Couple-esque relationship...The interaction between the Samantha Brennan and Annabelle Haggerty characters is what makes this book so much fun, with Samantha really stealing the show. Any fan of genre fiction will enjoy HIGH CRIMES, as it is well worth a try, and I recommend it to anyone looking for a fun, light read."

- Tales of the Talisman

"I love Kris Neri's HIGH CRIMES ON THE MAGICAL PLANE. This is a
completely enjoyable woo-woo with humor and Kris doesn't fool around
with vampires, zombies or werewolves, but real functioning goddesses.
Samantha is a scam psychic...or at least she believes she is until she
meets FBI agent Annabelle Haggerty. Here she encounter a Celtic goddess
under the law woman's tough exterior..When a movie star, Molly Claire,
becomes the center of a plot to bring Los Angeles to destruction,
Samantha has to introduce Annabelle to her unknown divine relatives and
help her use her powers to stop the end of LA. A fun read and I certainly enjoyed spending time with these women. Some great laughs, fascinating characters and a great plot. Do buy it. And look for her new Tracy Eaton boo, REVENGE FOR OLD TIME'S SAKE. I know I will enjoy it."

-- Doris Ann Norris, the 2000-year-old-librarian

"More fun than an overstuffed clown car! Kris Neri turns the paranormal on its head with a phony psychic Celtic goddess, a missing movie star, oh yeah . . . and clowns!”

— Casey Daniels, author of DEAD MAN TALKING

"...All that appears normal isn't so, as Annabelle the goddess shows Samantha the fake psychic. Samantha knows the ways of the world, how to pull a good scam and where to find nifty vintage prom dresses. Annabelle knows where the gnomes and flower faeries reside and who to call when in need of a magical recharge.
The twists and turns were fab, especially the "Whoa! Did not see that coming" moment in the end.
Please let there be more to this series!! I'll look for Kris Neri's other books, that's for sure.
Five goddess sparkly diamonds...."

-- Vixen's Daily Reads

" engaging tale that will keep you up late reading to find out who done it. When I finished this I went looking for the next in the series."

- Julia Rasmussen, EXAMINER.COM

"The story moves along briskly, alternating between the two principal characters' points of view. For Samantha, it's a first person narrative, which suits her perfectly. Her character is edgy, sarcastic, and cynical -- but also self-aware. 'Though I generally believed corners wouldn't exist if we weren't meant to cut them, I decided tonight I had to play my act straight. Well, pretty straight -- after all, it was still an act.' For Annabelle, it's a third person narrative, which also plays well into her intellectual and reserved nature -- as reserved as a Celtic goddess who's also an FBI agent can be. And though paranormal mysteries must, almost by definition, stretch the bounds of credulity...the pairing of Samantha and Annabelle, in a rather remarkable way, keeps High Crimes on the Magical Plane grounded and, if you will, credible. It is an interesting and entertaining debut for this series."

- Mysterious Reviews

"HIGH CRIMES ON THE MAGICAL PLANE is the first in a new series by Kris Neri. It's an interesting setup, a twist on the openly magical (or decidedly nonmagical) characters of most supernaturals, what with one character claiming powers she does not have and the other hiding the ones she does. It will be interesting to see how this partnership develops over time...this is a book for people who like characters - and Samantha is quite a character!"

- Reviewing the Evidence

"The pages of HIGH CRIMES ON THE MAGICAL PLANE become replete with fairies, gnomes, brownies, banshees, leprechauns and other denizens of various magical planes. Gods and goddesses abound, especially the Celtic variety, as well as covens of witches - if it's paranormal, it's here...Kris's plot hurtles on to a satisfactory conclusion as the two protagonists, along with the FBI, the LAPD, a host of other psychics who've been lurking in the background, and a few stray creatures from the nether world pool their resources to solve the mystery of the missing movie star, as well as some related impending attacks on the city."


"Mystery and magic!! Plus a little romance!! What more can one want? HIGH CRIMES ON THE MAGICAL PLANE not only delivers that and more, but is a fresh, new take on the paranormal! Enjoy! I certainly did!"

-- Shirley Damsgaard, author of THE WITCH'S GRAVE

"...Sam and Annabelle are the oddest couple with the former wanting to be what the latter is and the latter wanting to be what the former is. Confusing not at all as each envies the life of the other. Annabelle just wants to be an FBI agent as her goddess duties at times is overwhelming while Sam the shyster ponders what she could get away with if she had the goddess powers. This pairing make for a wonderful combination of a lighthearted yet also deep spellbinding urban fantasy mystery.'

-- Harriet Klausner, Alternative Worlds & The Merry Genre Go Round