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Readers' Group Questions
1. Samantha often raises the question of fate, alternately claiming not to believe in it, and fearing it exists. Does she ever determine the truth about it?

2. Is Samantha’s chosen profession of fake psychic as harmless as she claims? Is she really just telling her clients what they want to hear, or is she tapping into some unknown supernatural gifts that she doesn’t realize she possesses?

3. Molly Claire also betrayed her natural talents and the devotion of her fans. Why wasn’t the success she achieved enough for her?

4. Does Special Agent Billy Finkner make good enough use of his shape-shifting capabilities? If you possessed this ability, how would you make use of it?

5. In a wildly uncharacteristic act, Annabelle shares the secret of her heritage with Samantha. What is it about Samantha that makes Annabelle feel she can trust her, despite all evidence to the contrary?

6. Samantha says if she had Annabelle’s powers, she would give herself the Lotto numbers. What would you do if you had Annabelle’s gifts? Would you feel her sense of responsibility?

7. If Angus has never bowed to a mortal before, what does it say about his relationship with Samantha that he relents, agreeing to delay their Venetian vacation and helping her to find Annabelle? Do you think Samantha appreciates the power she has over him?

8. Angus is an all-powerful god. Would you grow bored with his life, or would you revel in it?

9. High Crimes on the Magical Plane conveys the idea that there is a magical realm — of supernatural beings — in the midst of our natural world, which most people never notice. How is it that people don’t see it?

10. What if Annabelle shared her secret abilities with her FBI colleagues? How would they react?

11. What dangers might she face if her secret was generally known? Doesn’t keeping her true identity a secret condemn Annabelle to a lonely life?
13. What is it about Jake that attracts Annabelle when she has largely given up on the idea of having a relationship?

12. By forcing herself to function more like an ordinary mortal, does Annabelle miss too much that’s going on around her in the magical realm? While Annabelle would never relinquish her gifts, out of respect for her family and heritage, by virtue of mostly not using her powers, isn’t she, in effect, negating them?

13. While Annabelle could give herself a life of ease, she has chosen a tougher than necessary path? Is her sense of responsibility excessive?

14. Samantha is used to bending situations to fit her needs. What does it say about her worldview that she’s so shattered by discovering the things she’s always claimed actually do exist?

15. Sure to stand out anywhere with her eccentric wardrobe, why does Samantha dress as she does? Is she selling herself short with her attention-getting style of dress, or does it genuinely reflect her inner style?

16. Annabelle conveys the idea to Samantha that we are all in this life to learn something. What can Annabelle and Samantha teach each other?

17. When Annabelle hears Samantha calling out for help — when she was strung up over the smelter vat — was that strictly a function of Annabelle’s own psychic gifts, or partially the result of some unknown abilities of Samantha?