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The Third Adventure in the Multi Award-Nominated Tracy Eaton Mysteries


A Lefty Award Nominee for Best Humorous Mystery

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Free-spirited Tracy cheers when her stuffy husband, Drew, loosens up enough to rearrange the nose of his boorish boss, Ian Dragger. But Drew's timing couldn't be worse. When Dragger is found floating face down in the Eatons' pool, deader than disco, Drew is the one that wily Detective Patti Garcia zeroes in on as her prime suspect.

Still, Tracy expects to clear her sweetie in short order. But that's before help arrives -- in form of her own mother, over-the-top movie actress Martha Collins, and her rigid-with-dignity mother-in-law, Charlotte Eaton. And when the mothers get together, the fireworks go off. Obstacles mount higher when Drew's ex-flame, attorney CeeCee Payne, deals herself into the game. But CeeCee's peculiar behavior raises too many questions. Does she want Drew back? Or is revenge what CeeCee's after, as her actions threaten to condemn him to a life behind bars.

When the bodies in the pool start stacking up like timber in a logging camp, Tracy knows nothing less than her wildest antics will do. But as the blows keep coming Drew's way, Tracy fears that even her craziness won't be enough to save him.


"REVENGE FOR OLD TIMES' SAKE is a choice pick and very highly recommended read."

-- Midwest Book Reviews

"...It's hard to top horse trailers, clown cars, and bodies in the freezer. Throw in a good mystery, and the latest Tracy Eaton story is a top-notch caper."

-- Lesa Holstine, Lesa's Book Critiques

"...Neri keeps the killer pace throughout the story so that you're always guessing what will happen next. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED."

-- I Love A

"Kris Neri has fashioned a plot with many twists and turns in 'Revenge For Old Times' Sake'. Her character portrayal is outstanding, a hilarious mix of personalities that make you laugh out loud. Neri has represented her cleverness at plot with sparkling dialogue and a narration that is never boring. It takes a special talent to create characters so funny while maintaining a solid plot, but Kris Neri has done it.
A very enjoyable read!"

-- Connie's Reviews

"The lovable, witty, and all-too-family-prodded Tracy Eaton is at it again in Tinsel Town in Revenge for Old Times’ Sake, by multi-Derringer Award winner Kris Neri. In this suspenseful thriller Eaton finds herself spreading shoeleather in order to make sure husband Drew—who seems to be the only one fingered by the fuzz—doesn’t get snapped for murder when his tall-glass-of-water boss, Ian Dragger is found iced – floating face down in the Eaton’s pool! Fortunately—or maybe unfortunately for Eaton—she won’t have to unravel things on her own. Her very funny, over-the-top movie actress mother, Martha Collins is at the ready along with Eaton’s rigid mother-in-law Charlotte Eaton, who probably hasn’t been this scandalized since a third cousin was once outted for serving margarine at a Daughters of Malibu benefit. And if that isn’t enough, Drew’s ex, CeeCee Payne has joined the Ladies’ Number One Tinsel Town Team of gumshoes – or has she? Or is she just out to prove that Hell hath no fury?

Throw in a generous splash of Neri’s clever humor, usual talent for suspense and plotting, larger than life-characters, and a school of dead bodies and you have the best Eaton story in some time and that’s saying something. Revenge for Old Times’ Sake is a sheer joy to read and treasure among your literary greats."

–- Andrew McAleer, Boston Mystery Review

Wacky, witty, wise and wonderful. With the show-biz savvy, funny and punny Kris Neri as producer and director, readers will laugh their way through non-stop action, zany characters and a madcap plot worthy of the silver screen. (The secret? This is a smart, solid and well-written mystery--that reveals a lot of heart.)

-- Hank Phillippi Ryan Agatha-winning author of PRIME TIME

“Vanity, celebrity, murder, and fabulous shoes! REVENGE FOR OLD TIME’S SAKE has all this and more. Kris Neri’s cool-under-pressure protagonist and her witty narrative voice are the reasons this series is an award winner. The clever plot twists and vivid characters bring to mind what might result from the unholy coupling of Mel Brooks and Janet Evanovich. But I’ll take Tracy Eaton over Stephanie Plum any day of the week.”

—- Bill Fitzhugh, author of Pest Control and Highway 61 Resurfaced

"...In Kris Neri's third installment in her 'Tracy Eaton Mysteries,' REVENGE FOR OLD TIMES' SAKE, she once again delights her readers with the antics of Tracy Eaton and her kooky family. The chemistry between Tracy and her mother Martha is hilarious, but the fireworks that spark when Drew's stuffy mother Charlotte comes into the picture are classic 'Lucy and Ethel' comedy.
But beneath all the fun and laughter is an intriguing mystery that will keep readers guessing who-done-it until the very end."

-- Fresh Fiction

A witty glimpse at insider Hollywood with a spunky, no-nonsense heroine, the movie-star mother from hell and cast of big egos. A fun and fast-paced read.”

—- Rhys Bowen, author of Her Royal Spyness, Molly Murphy and Evan Evans mysteries

"I have been waiting with anticipation for a new Tracy Eaton book by Kris Neri and “Revenge For Old Times’ Sake” was well worth the wait...With the help of her eccentric movie star parents, a mother-in-law who doesn’t like Tracy, and a cast of other over the top characters, Tracy manages to find the real killer. Along the way, their antics are filled with drama, humor, and excitement—including yet another dead body and their creative way of dealing with it. While this book has mystery and suspense, the best part is the incredible characters and witty humor. The dialogue, the side stories, and the antics of this cast of characters are wonderful. I look forward with anticipation to Tracy’s next adventure and hope it won’t be as long of a wait this time. If you are looking for a fun, unique mystery this is for you."

-- Lorie Ham, NoName Cave Reviews

"...The scene in which a second corpse is found in the pool is humorous as the Tracy and her mother and Charlotte struggle with what to do with the body. It is scenes like this that make Kris Neri one of the best whodunit writers as she takes her story line serious, but includes plenty of humor that fits in nicely to the main storyline while entertaining the reader. Fans will enjoy Revenge for Old Times Sake..."

-- Harriet Klausner, Genre Go Round

"Revenge for Old Time's Sake is a delightful mystery with a witty, feisty, fresh heroine. Tracy's wildly outrageous family will make you thankful for your own! I found myself laughing out loud. Can't wait for the next one!"

—- Deb Baker, author of Ding Dong Dead and Murder Talks Turkey

"Take a hysterical mix of incompatible personalities, unexpected plot twists, unorthodox methods of detection and you have Kris Neri's Revenge for Old Times' Sake. Absolutely delightful! The interplay between Tracy and her aging sex goddess mother alone is worth the price of admission."

—- Chassie West, author of Killer Chameleon

"Tracy Eaton's family keeps the 'fun' in 'dysfunctional" in Kris Neri's bright and breezy Revenge for Old Times' Sake. This is Hollywood at its zaniest, as show biz collides head-on with the legal profession."

—- Taffy Cannon, Agatha and Macavity -nominated author of Open Season on Lawyers

"…Kris Neri and Tracy Eaton will be favorites in the mystery field for quite a long time.

—- Mystery News

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