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Note: The photo credit was left off the author photo on this book -- my favorite photo of me! -- so let me note here that it was taken by Jeff Kreider, owner of The Book Orphanage, and used with his kind generosity.


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THE ROSE IN THE SNOW: TALES OF MISCHIEF AND MAYHEM. A collection of thirteen of my short stories...some are new, some are my old favorites, and two are Derringer Award winners.

I fell for the short story form when, as a kid, I first experienced the fun of O. Henry's “The Ransom of Red Chief” and the poignant power of “The Gift of the Magi.” But as I've also devoured mysteries since Nancy Drew first led me into my life of crime, it was inevitable that I would come to love mystery short stories most of all. I delight in their surprise endings, and the force of their unity of impression and purpose. And not only do I enjoy reading mystery shorts, I love writing them. That's probably why I've written so many!

I've included a diverse selection in this volume: From the brand new story that lends this book its title, “The Rose in the Snow,” to “Smokescreen Signals,” the new one that closes it, to my two Derringer Award winners, the light and funny, “L.A. Justice,” which gave birth to my novel series sleuth, Tracy Eaton and her daffy movie star mother, and the darkly original “Capital Justice.” I've included a variety of tones and outcomes, from the breezy froth of “No Star Murder,” to the magic of “Showtime on the Winter Solstice,” to the over-the-top humor of “Nothing Good Ever Came of a Bad Hair Day.” I'm also pleased to share two of my personal favorites, “Sentence Imposed” and “Deadly Obsessions,” both of which feature Zoey Morgan, the edgy protagonist of my suspense novel, NEVER SAY DIE.

Whether you like cats as protagonists, or a little of the mystical in your mysteries, I promise there's something here for everyone.

Here's some critical praise:

"In this delightful collection of short stories by Kris Neri she shares with the reader not only more tales from her wonderful Tracy Eaton series, but various types of other mystery stories. The first story, The Rose in the Snow, is on the darker side telling a tale of abuse and loss. You will find in this book the dark side of mystery, the light side, a bit of the old West, Native American spirituality and more. There is definitely something for everyone here.

Though each and every story is wonderful, I was thrilled to find the Tracy Eaton stories in this book. Kris’ Tracy stories have been a long time favorite and I have greatly missed the characters in those books. It was like visiting old friends. I truly hope there are more Tracy Eaton books and short stories on the horizon. Tracy’s zany mother is so much fun and makes you feel like perhaps your own mother is actually normal. I absolutely devoured those stories and wanted more.

If you are looking for a great, easy summer read this is the perfect choice. A book filled with short stories that will keep you turning the pages and guessing the killers time after time."
— Lorie Ham, No Name Cafe

"Derringer Award-winner Kris Neri's The Rose in the Snow: Tales of Mischief and Mayhem is as enjoyable as it is deadly! Murder, humor, and suspense are packed in snug as burglarious tools on a black bag job. An impressive volume worthy of Neri's superb talent."
— Andrew McAleer, Editor Crimestalker Casebook, author of Mystery Writing in a Nutshell

“Kris Neri's The Rose in the Snow is a literary one-two punch: the multilayered characters and backgrounds set you up for the knock-out surprise endings.”
— Toni L.P. Kelner, Agatha Award winning short story writer and author of Without Mercy

“Kris Neri understands the purpose and the proper crafting of the mystery short, which is the reason why she's gotten so many of them into print. A fine writer, Neri entertains us here with many of her best. These stories will surprise and delight short crime fiction fans, giving readers chills, tears, numerous laughs, and the pleasure of experiencing every other in-between sensation.”
— G. Miki Hayden, winner of the Edgar for best short mystery story