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The Fourth Adventure in the Multi Award-Nominated Tracy Eaton Mysteries


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Historic Route 66: with its signs for “New Dead Things,” the Biker Bunny Bin, and the Kontiki Pizza and Chinese Restaurant, which serves only waffles, it’s kitchy, crazy, and fun. How appropriate that it would hold a place of importance to unconventional Tracy Eaton and her dad, aging Hollywood hunk, Alec Grainger.

Their Route 66 adventures always included a stay in Tecos, New Mexico, but their regular stop at Lucy Crier's Lunch Pail Café was now a thing of the past, since Lucy plugged her ex-beau and went to the big house for murder. That’s why it’s perplexing when Lucy, safely ensconced in her cell, is simultaneously seen dodging traffic along Route 66. Naturally, Alec uses that mystery to lure Tracy and her sweetie Drew back to America’s Main Street.

But the road takes a darker turn when Woody Crier, Lucy’s smarmy son, turns up dead, and an even stranger bend when the FBI goes gunning for Tracy, calling her one of America’s Most Wanted.

She has no choice but to go on the lam, but this time, the Mother Road provides no escape. Tracy knows if she can’t cut through the web of secrets and lies shrouding her favorite haunts and the pasts of those dearest to her, her own life could be snuffed out in a Route 66 minute.


"I loved this trip down Route 66. Kris Neri keeps the action rolling with a tight plot, a cast of loveable loonies and a nostalgic tour of Americana."
~ Elaine Viets, author of Final Sail: A Dead-End Job Mystery

"If you are looking for a fun, fast read with great characters, a good mystery and a fun setting, don’t miss Revenge on Route 66. Can’t wait for Tracy’s next adventure!"
~ King's River Life Magazine

"Kris Neri’s Lefty-Award nominated Tracy Eaton is back, this time on a wild ride along the famed cross-country road in REVENGE ON ROUTE 66. Forget the scenery -- there are murders to investigate! If you’re looking for laughs, hairpin turns, and whiplash plot twists, you won’t want to miss this madcap adventure. Buckle up!"
~ Julie Hyzy, New York Times Bestselling author of the White House Chef Mysteries and the Manor House Mystery series

"Witty, fun, and in some places laugh out loud….Want a good time on Route 66? Read this book. Highly recommended"
~ R.P. Dahlke, All Mystery Newsletter

"Nothing reminds me of old "I Love Lucy" episodes more than Kris Neri's latest Tracy Eaton mystery, Revenge of Route 66.. I can just picture the thirty-five-year-old Tracy, daughter of two Hollywood actors, crying "Waaaaahhhh" when things don't go her way. The mystery writer and amateur sleuth admits that childish behavior suits her. That "Waaaaahhhh" would be perfect.... Revenge on Route 66 is a non-stop funny caper, wrapped up in the form of a mystery!"
~ Lesa's Book Reviews

"In Revenge on Route 66, murder, kidnapping, extortion--not to mention a crime of epic proportions--all speed along that iconic U.S. highway, and protagonist Tracy Eaton must challenge a lot of roadblocks to resolve them all. A delightful mystery!"
~ Linda O. Johnston, Author of OODLES OF POODLES, a Pet Rescue Mystery

"I’ve enjoyed all the Tracy Eaton books I can get my hands on. This latest one had me glued to my chair for hours at a time (potty breaks are definitely needed) and I was sorry when the book ended."
~NoraAdrienne's Reviews

"There’s a funky rhythm to Route 66—that loopy, swoopy highway connecting the past to the present—and Kris Neri totally gets it. She also understands the passion of the folks who travel the Mother Road and captures it in vivid, funny prose."
~ Roger Naylor, author of Arizona Kicks on Route 66

"There’s a reason why Kris Neri is a three-time finalist for the Lefty Award – her books are outrageously funny. She’s the Carl Hiaasen of the desert. This 4th Tracy Eaton Mystery is a zany trip down Route 66 with characters as bizarre and entertaining as the kitch the Mother Road is famous for. Neri is a master plotter, weaving together the Eaton family history and Route 66 lore into a murder that will have you guessing to the last page but hoping you don’t get there because you don’t want it to end. Revenge on Route 66 busted my guffaw meter."
~ J. Michael Orenduff, author of The Pot Thief Who Studied D. H. Lawrence

"REVENGE ON ROUTE 66 has as many twists and turns as the road it's named after. With a endearingly snarky, engaging heroine and a colorful cast of supporting characters, this book entertains from beginning to end. A very satisfying ride!"
Jess Lourey, author of the Lefty-nominated Murder-by-Month series

“Get ready for an action-packed detour through a twisty mystery with more laughs and quirky characters than the real Route 66. Sign me up for the next road trip with Tracy and Drew!”
~ Laura DiSilverio, author of the Lefty finalist Swift Justice and the Mall Cop mysteries

"Kris Neri has done it again! REVENGE ON ROUTE 66 delivers just as much adventure, unpredictability and fun as the Mother Road itself. Tracy Eaton's fans will delight in this entertaining trip with enough bumps and kitsch to please the highway's devotees and enough danger and secrets to satisfy mystery enthusiasts everywhere."
~ Pari Noskin Taichert, author of THE BELEN HITCH

"...Fans will appreciate this tremendous trip down America's Mother Road."
~ Harriet Klausner

"...You will definitely get kicks from this trip down Route 66, The Mother Road of all time."
~ Carolyn Lanier, I LOVE A MYSTERY