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Writing Killer Mysteries with Kris Neri
T2G Productions has created a mystery writing DVD, which contains 8 full lessons, as well as downloadable worksheets to help you write your next mystery or suspense novel. There's even a bonus interview with Kris talking about writing.

Topics include: creating sleuths that sizzle; reflections of character; point of view and narrative voice; conflicts and stakes; structure; clues and red herrings; beginnings and resolutions; advice about the marketplace and query letter writing, and much more!

Here's what the critics say about it:

"Kris Neri is a delight. Knowledgeable, experienced, and straightforward, she is a writing instructor who can demystify the daunting task of producing a salable novel and actually make the process fun. From character development to point of view, from setting to dialog, from pace to narrative tension, Kris will lead you through the techniques you must know to make your story come to life."
— D. P. Lyle, MD, Edgar nominated and Macavity winning author of Forensic For Dummies and Murder and Mayhem: A Doctor Answers Medical and Forensic Questions for Mystery Writers

"Kris Neri brings her vast experience as a teacher, writer, and bookseller to this excellent introduction to the craft of mystery writing. From the bare bones of structure to the subtleties of point of view and narrative, Neri's lessons provide a first-rate primer to the aspiring crime writer. The inclusion of trouble-shooting tips and industry insights will steer the student away from common pitfalls and toward the path to publishing success."
— Dana Cameron, author of the Emma Fielding archaeology mysteries

"WRITING KILLER MYSTERIES provides both an excellent foundation for beginning mystery writers and a valuable refresher course for writers interested in improving their craft."

"Got questions about your theme? Your protagonist? Your title? Kris Neri has the answers. Not only does Neri have the answers, she’s got the secrets to great storytelling and the crucial ingredients to the best mystery fiction possible. Today’s mystery author needs to be savvy and slick. Neri points the way, providing a road map to a gratifying and rewarding mystery writing career."
— Eva Batonne, award-winning author of RESURRECTION DIVA and a former Kris Neri student


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